Tax credit for patents in France

Publié en June 2017

There is a specific tax credit mechanism in France known as “Credit d’impôt recherche” or tax credit for research (TCR). The mechanism provides for a tax credit equal to 30% of research and development (R&D) expenses up to 100 million euros and equal to 5% above that amount.

The system is highly valuable for industrial, commercial or agricultural companies.

French General Tax Regulations give a list of R&D expenses that

Wrong ideas about design infringement

Publié en June 2017

If there are at least 7 differences between two designs, there is no counterfeiting.


The designs are compared according to their similarities and the overall impression they produce on an informed user. If the overall impressions are the same, copying or infringement may be recognized. If they differ from each other, the first registered design is not infringed.

There is thus no anti-counterfeiting magic method. The key points are

Trademark defence on the internet – The Chantelle case

Publié en May 2017

We recently commented the Vinci case and the misappropriation of domain names such as or (here) to warn about the necessity of monitoring marks on the internet, which is the only solution to be able to react fast and prevent or at least limit damages due to the infringement.

Trademark watch on the internet is only the first step of a defence strategy (See our watch services here).

Wrong ideas about trademarks – New episode

Publié en April 2017

I have to designate the products and/or services listed in the heading of the classes of interest.


A trademark application includes a sign (name, logo, name + logo, slogan…) and a list of the products or activities that will be offered under this sign. For administrative purposes, these activities are divided into several categories, called classes. There are 45 classes, 34 classes of products/goods (furniture, clothing, telephones, medicines, cosmetics,

Interview: INSCRIPTA, new horizons

Publié en April 2017

Interviewed by Décideurs Magazine, Agnès DOYEN et Manuel ROCHE explain their practice and share their vision of IP counsel and IP in general.

In 2016, INSCRIPTA focused on improving clients’ satisfaction and quality, and on developing new business associations making it possible to offer new value-added IP services such as financial valuation of IP rights or IP audit/compliance.

Since its creation, INSCRIPTA has been aware of the general

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