A capital top-level domain: .PARIS

17 Jan 2014 | All, Internet

When will the new top-level domain (TLD) .PARIS (Dot PARIS) be available? How much will it cost? We do not know yet (*).

But one thing is already certain: the City of Paris intends to make this new TLD a rallying point of the Paris community and a sign of commitment to this area. Another purpose of the City of Paris is also to preserve and develop the reputational heritage of Paris associated with the image of a place of innova­tion.

In the City’s view, the main objectives of the .PARIS TLD include:

  • Enabling economic and social actors to associate their image with that of Paris;
  • Developing and maintaining the tradition of innovation in Paris;
  • Expressing Parisians’ spirit of sharing and lifestyle;
  • Promoting the cultural heritage of Paris.

The detailed conditions for the new .PARIS TLD are not known yet but it should concern all natural or legal persons with a place of residence or activity in Paris or its area (Greater Paris area, Ile-de-France region, etc.), wishing to demonstrate their commitment to this area.

With the new TLD, the City of Paris also wishes to promote new services operated in the public interest and new technological services with a connection to Paris.

The pre-launch of the .PARIS TLD is organized according to a Pioneers program. A hundred of economic and social actors are currently being selected to become the first owners of .PARIS domain names and real contributors to the TLD. They will be closely associated with the communications plan as well as other launch activities scheduled by the City. Depending on the category to which they belong, becoming a .PARIS Pioneer requires financial contributions ranging from €30 to €100,000.

The first phase of new .PARIS domain names launching program, for Pioneers only, should take place during the second quarter of 2014.

After that, the .PARIS TLD will be gradually opened according to usual practices. The sunrise period should take place in October 2014 (*) and will be available only for trademark owners registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). The availability for the general public is planned for the end of 2014.


(*) June 2014 update: the sunrise period should take place between September 09 and November 11, 2014.

Source: Call for proposals “Pioneers .Paris”

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