Inscripta expert for assessment of IP strategy

1 Jul 2022 | All, Designs, Patents, Trademarks

Inscripta selected by Bpifrance to perform assessment of intellectual property strategy and valuation of intangible assets


The program is developed and hosted by Bpifrance, which describes itself as the French agency for innovation, delivering massive programs to innovative entrepreneurs, and which goal is to favour the growth of the French economy by helping entrepreneurs thrive.


This program is designed exclusively for French start-ups, SMEs with no more than 2,000 employees, wishing to develop and enhance their patents, designs, trademarks and any other intangible assets.


Inscripta will carry out a comprehensive IP analysis, enabling you to contextualize and assess effective strategies for making the best use of your IP assets.


These services are financed up to 80% by Bpifrance.


Please contact us should you need more information.




Image by ar130405 under Pixabay license (resized; original size 1280 x 720).


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