You are the creator of a new design and need protection…

INSCRIPTA provides a wide range of services suited to your own situation and implement with you the protection of your creations in France and everywhere in the world.

  • Determining which designs need to be filed.
  • Definition of countries or regions in which protection is needed.
  • Seniority and prior art searches to identify potential obstructions to your project.
  • Identification of the features and characteristics of your design that can be protected.
  • Filing of design application and following-up the registration procedure.
    • Filing and prosecution of French designs before INPI.
    • Filing and prosecution of Community designs (EU designs) before the EUIPO (formerly OHIM).
    • Filing and prosecution of International designs before WIPO.
  • Docketing your design into our database.
  • Time monitoring to warn you of upcoming official deadlines and renewal dates.
  • Providing all information about your designs portfolio.
  • Declaring your designs with the Customs.
  • Negotiating and drafting of all contracts relating to the exploitation of your design.
  • Legal consultations and opinions in all areas of design and copyright law.
  • Organizing and giving specific and professional trainings on design law.
  • Defending your design in case of amicable or judicial disputes.

INSCRIPTA may act and represent you directly before the INPI for French designs, before the EUIPO (formerly OHIM) for Community designs (or EU designs) and before WIPO for International designs.

A few examples of design cases…

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