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INSCRIPTA protects, defends and adds value
to intellectual and industrial property.

INSCRIPTA protects, defends and adds value to intellectual and industrial property.


INSCRIPTA protects and defends your
creations and works of authorship.

Copyright registration / Registering and evidencing your creations

  • Soleau envelopes applications before the French PTO.
  • Registrations with copyright management societies.
  • Registrations with notaries or bailiffs.
  • Software registrations.

Exploitation of your creations

  • Amicable or judicial disputes.
  • Legal opinions and consultations.
  • Audits.
  • Drafting contracts o IP-related clauses.
  • IP courses and training.

A few examples of what we do

  • Drafting a code of conduct for professionals in the field of copyright.
  • Drafting a software and SaaS licence in the field of logistics.
  • Protecting the creations of an illustrator in the food industry.
  • Drafting a copyright assignment contract for a photographer in the advertising field.
  • Defending a garden designer in a copyright claim.
  • Drafting a contract for functional specifications of a software in the food industry.
  • Defending an unfair competition and passing-off claim related to a concept of food packaging.
  • Defending a software infringement lawsuit in the telecommunications sector.
  • Protecting the creations of a pastry chef and chocolate maker.
  • Drafting a copyright assignment agreement for an illustrator in preparation of a comic book.
  • Defending an author against a copyright infringement claim in the advertising business.
  • Legal consultation about how to protect an ERP software.
  • Drafting of copyright assignment provisions for a communications agency.

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