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INSCRIPTA protects, defends and adds value
to intellectual and industrial property.

INSCRIPTA protects, defends and adds value to intellectual and industrial property.

financial evaluation

Intellectual and industrial property rights are strategic intangible and immaterial assets.

Trademarks, patents, software, know-how, etc. are valuable assets.

Financial evaluation of immaterial assets is essential in various circumstances :

  • Capital investment
  • Funds raising
  • Funding
  • External growth
  • Buyouts
  • Merges and acquisitions
  • Restructuring and reorganization
  • Share transfers
  • Inheritance
  • Commercial litigations
  • Etc.

Financial evaluation of intangible assets such as IP rights or IP titles requires specific legal, financial and accounting expertise.

INSCRIPTA is an IP Attorney firm. That’s why, while ensuring confidentiality and transparency, we work with a financial expert with more than 25 years of experience in financial evaluation of intangible and IP assets.

A few examples of what we do

  • Financial evaluation of patents and trademarks in the field of surgical instruments.
  • Due diligence in preparation for a transfer of trademarks and designs in the field of aeronautics.
  • Financial evaluation of trademarks in the automobile industry.
  • Financial evaluation of patents in the field of rail transportation.
  • Financial evaluation of a trademark in the food industry before the creation of a franchise.
  • Financial evaluation of patents related to telecommunications in preparation for a fund raising.
  • Due diligence and acquisition of trademarks in the context of a liquidation.
  • Financial evaluation of trademarks related to the hardware industry.
  • Financial evaluation of damages in the healthcare industry for an infringement lawsuit.
  • Financial evaluation of trademarks and patents in the construction industry.

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