Wrong ideas about design infringement

Publié en June 2017

If there are at least 7 differences between two designs, there is no counterfeiting.


The designs are compared according to their similarities and the overall impression they produce on an informed user. If the overall impressions are the same, copying or infringement may be recognized. If they differ from each other, the first registered design is not infringed.

There is thus no anti-counterfeiting magic method. The key points are

Changes of name or address must be registered with IP offices

Publié en March 2017

When a company changes its name or address, it is advisable to register said changes for all its trademarks, designs and patents with the IP registers in order to update the owner’s identification details for all industrial property titles.

This ensures an up-to-date and uniform portfolio of IP titles, and enables the owner to initiate both administrative and judicial procedures without having to deal with problems of urgent regularisation and/or

New: e-Soleau is online

Publié en January 2017

Although they do not provide any legal protection, Soleau envelopes, named after their inventor, are a low-cost way of ascertaining the date of one’s creations in France.

Until now, creations were to be carefully described in two identical copies each of them respectively placed in both compartments of a Soleau envelope. Once it was sealed and registered before the INPI (French PTO) through a once-patented process,

Apple v. Samsung, assessing damages

Publié en December 2016

On December 6, 2016, the United States Supreme Court issued a very expected decision that should become one of the most significant rulings of the year in the intellectual property world. It is all the more important that it deals with the Apple v. Samsung case, one of the most commented cases of the decade.

Surely you know that Apple sued Samsung for infringing several design

A new Director for the French Patent & Trademark Office

Publié en November 2016

Mr. Romain Soubeyran is the new General Director of the French Institute for Industrial Property, the French Patent and Trademark Office.

According to the official press release, he previously was director of Mines ParisTech, one of the famous French Grandes Ecoles (executive engineering and business schools). He comes after Mr. Yves Lapierre, who was in office for the past six years.

Mr. Romain Soubeyran’s

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