You are aware of a third party infringing your intellectual or industrial property rights… or maybe you received a complaint or a cease and desist letter from a third party claiming prior IP rights…

INSCRIPTA assists you in determining what ways of action or approach are available or to define the best defensive strategies, after carefully examining your case, especially in all fields related to infringement, counterfeiting, unfair competition, passing-off, in France and abroad.

  • Providing legal consultations and opinions.
  • Studying cases and litigations.
  • Organizing statements, affidavits or certified reports with a bailiff.
  • Drafting and sending cease and desist letters and formal notices.
  • Negotiating with third or opposite parties.
  • Drafting of amicable settlements or agreements.
  • Filing oppositions to trademark registrations.
  • Domain names disputes.
  • Preparing litigation cases for the Courts.
  • Obtaining binding Court orders, in cooperation with an Attorney at law.
  • Organizing seizures and infringement seizures, in cooperation with a bailiff.
  • Preparing and carrying of legal actions before the Courts, in cooperation with an Attorney at law.
    • Filing and prosecuting infringement actions.
    • Filing and prosecuting unfair competition and passing-off actions.
    • Claiming damages.
  • Etc.

A few examples of litigations and cases…

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