The few cases listed below are examples of INSCRIPTA’s diversity of work and scope of competences.

Names of our clients remain confidential according to our rules of ethics.

Drafting a patent exclusive license in the field of innovative building materials.

Defending companies attacked for infringing industrial designs and for unfair competition in the field of garbage disposal.

Drafting a guide of professional rules in the field of copyright management.

Representing an internationally known nightclub in France for preserving its mark and reputation.

Drafting a photographs copyright assignment for advertising purposes.

Defending a company sued for trademark infringement and unfair competition in the field of agricultural machines.

Building a global strategy for protecting trademarks in the field of pharmaceutical products.

Assisting a National public teaching establishment to recover domain names misappropriated by an ill-intentioned party.

Defending a company sued for patent infringement and unfair competition in the medical field.

Giving lectures and training courses to the personnel of a public company as regards communication, marketing and protection of trademarks on the internet.

Building and enforcing a worldwide strategy for the protection and monitoring of trademarks of an international group in the aircraft industry.

Defending an author’s copyright in the field of parks and gardens architecture.

Evaluating the trademark of a company in the food industry for the purposes of creating a franchise network.

Defending the mark of a wine producer against its misappropriation by a third party.

Resetting the strategy of trademark protection for an insurance company.

Representing an hotel in defending its trade name comprised of a geographical indication.

Drafting a copyright assignment between a cartoonist and a comic book publisher.

Protecting the creations of a chocolate maker.

Defending a trademark against cancellation for non-use in the field online distribution.

Defending a company sued for patent infringement in the field of logistics.

Converting a EU trademark considered as descriptive into National marks in several EU member states in the field of entertainment.

Defending a company against fraudulent trademark application made by a competitor in the field of industrial packaging.

Availability searches for a new mark for car-sharing services.

Defending a mark and a patent in the field of mobile applications.

Drafting a collaboration agreement between complementary companies for developing a new interactive telecommunication device.

Representing an author’s interests for an advertising campaign.

Defending a company against the misappropriation of its trademark by a business associate.

Managing worldwide trademark applications for surgical apparatus.

Financial valuation of patent applications in the field of telecommunications before a fundraising.

Defending a health insurance company for preserving its mark in opposition proceedings before the French PTO and the Court of Appeals.

Drafting a joint ownership agreement of patents, know-how and trademarks.

Defending a company sued for patent infringement in the U.S. in the field of workforce management.

Drafting a licence agreement between a company and its manager.

Drafting non-disclosure agreements between the inventor of an innovative technology and a manufacturer in the field of water treatment.

Filing a cancellation action against a EU trademark before the EUIPO.


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