INSCRIPTA meets businesses at Paris Chamber of Commerce

Publié en October 2017

INSCRIPTA is proud to be an official partner of Paris Chamber of Commerce for the next International Business Meetings taking place 27 November 2017 in Paris.

The event is dedicated to helping companies expand their business overseas by meeting experts on various international matters.

INSCRIPTA will be hosting a workshop on:

Intellectual Property and Online Business

Keys to international success

INSCRIPTA’s stand will

CNCPI Workshop – Digital Business and IP

Publié en October 2017

CNCPI Workshop is the annual event intended to businesses and individuals to increase information and promote public awareness on intellectual property issues.

The French Patent and Trademark Attorneys Institute (CNCPI), will organize the 2017 workshop on 7 November 2017 in several major French cities on the topic: “Digital Business and IP”.

It will address all necessary and useful legal advice to run a successful

Giant: too big to be a trademark

Publié en September 2017

Signs or names which may serve to designate a characteristic of the goods or services covered by the trade mark are devoid of any distinctive character; (…) It is irrelevant whether the characteristics of the goods or services which may be the subject of the description are commercially essential or merely ancillary”.

This is what the Cour de cassation, the Highest civil Court in France, decided in a case dealing

Genuine use of a mark – The Delage case

Publié en September 2017

A non-profit association that revives a mark for cars and provides spare parts to collectors does not make a genuine use of such mark.

This is what the Cour de cassation, the Highest civil Court in France, decided in a case dealing about the French mark for automobiles and race cars DELAGE.

A French association called The friends of DELAGE applied for the mark DELAGE for vehicles in 1985. Originally,

Scootlib is not a declination of Velib and Autolib

Publié en August 2017

Velib’ is a famous French brand for self-service bicycles that was launched by the City of Paris on 15 July 2007. It is very popular among tourists. Velib’ was the first of a kind and has been duplicated by many cities across the world since then.

The offer was followed by Autolib’ in 2011, an equivalent of Velib’ services for cars. And for scooters, there is…? Cityscoot!

Indeed, the Court